{Jessica + Daniel} San Juan Capistrano Engagement

She has been following Leyla’s blog for some time… and has an adorable daughter just around the same age as Leyla. She sympathizes with me as I blog about binky weaning and potty training… and we share a minor obsession with finding cute clothes for our pint-sized fashionistas. When I opened up an email from her on an otherwise ordinary Thursday, I had to read it twice. She wrote that she loves my pictures of Leyla, wondered if I would take her engagement photos, and that it would be OK if I said no. I laughed because there was no way I’d say no to an opportunity like this. I was so excited, flattered, and honored to be asked to document such an exciting time in a couple’s life. 

The day couldn’t have been more beautiful in San Juan Capistrano. Warm and sunny… just like Jessica and Daniel. As we sat and chatted over iced coffees during a quick break, we shared our “how we met” stories. Funnily enough… There isn’t that much of a difference between their story and mine. =) Jessica and Danny are both in the car business… Jessica was in the Sales Department and Danny was in the Service Department when they first met… Hmmm, does this sound familiar to any of you? {HA!} As they told their stories, they completed each other’s thoughts… They shared with me the challenges and battles they have fought together… In the few hours that we spent together, it became very clear that these two are a perfect fit for each other. Thank you both for sharing a part of your lives with me… I wish you and your beautiful family all the best! I can’t think of a more divine place than Hawaii to say your vows. Seriously. Can Mike and I sneak in your luggage? Pretty please?  


These were the last few shots of the day. We were tired and slightly delirious. I just had to post them because they make me laugh. Every time I look at them. =)
Welcome to my new photography blog, all! I’m excited to be sharing my journey with you. Comments?… Questions?… A kind word of encouragement? Please don’t hesitate to drop me a quick hello. I’d love to hear from  you. 
Happy Thursday!
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Charlaine Mamaradlo - July 13, 2011 - 3:51 am

Yay…I love your "eye" for composition…your variety in color saturation, hue, B&W shots…etc
You're an inspiration…keep up the great work…I'm behind you 100%

jane - July 15, 2011 - 2:53 am

Thank you Char!

M o r e   i n f o