Meet Noah. With a face like his and a personality to match, all I can say is, “Remember me when you become famous someday!” =) I know, I know… I’m slightly biased. Noah happens to be my godson! It’s amazing how much he’s grown. He’s always been my little man but Noah’s definitely a young man now! It seems like just yesterday he was calling  me “Ya Jame” and learning how to walk. {SIGH} I had such a great time with our photo shoot… my daughter Leyla was with me as was Noah’s mom. Next time Mary, I’m forcing you to get in a couple of shots OK? {WINK}

Here are a few of my favorites from our day in Tustin Ranch!

Happy Monday!
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An Afternoon in Paradise {Cove}…

Opportunites may come your way… what you choose to make of them, however, is up to you. When asked if I’d like to join Sae Lee for some last minute picture taking in Malibu this past weekend, I didn’t let the opportunity pass me by. Mr. Lee was asked by Calamigos Ranch and Paradise Cove to take photos of the breathtaking venue while it was set up for a wedding. Mike, Leyla and Aunt Karen hung out on the sandy beach down below while we photographed up on a bluff. Being that we were free to photograph at our own pace and not for the bride and groom, it was a fantastic chance for me to get some practice, ask questions freely, experiment with my shots, make mistakes and fix them on the spot, and basically… just have fun! Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon if you ask me!

Here are a few of my favorites from our day…

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Tuesday!

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A Pasadena Wedding…

Along a winding, hilly road in Pasadena stands The Church of Angels. In a modern world full of skyscrapers and grey concrete, this historic church built in 1889 was a sight for sore eyes. Set on top of a hill and surrounded by dirt paths, the church has a distinct European countryside quality… I was smitten from the moment I heard the crunch of gravel under my feet. 

I had the honor of second shooting this wedding several weeks ago with Sae Lee. He has photographed many weddings at this beautiful church so he quickly gave me a rundown upon our arrival. I was to learn that there would be no flash photography allowed during the ceremony… so that would be a challenge. In addition, there would be no access for photographers beyond a certain point in the altar area so my vantage point would be from a small balcony directly above. To access this balcony, one must hunch over and navigate through a very steep, squeaky, and narrow stairway. Very reminiscent of the stairs we climbed during our visit to the Vatican years ago. The priest joked, “Just don’t fall down!” as I made my way up… when I reached the top I knew why. There was nothing but a low decorative wrought iron railing keeping me from falling right down into the altar. Not good for an eager photographer who is willing to lean waaaaay over to get her shot. {HA!} OH! Did I mention that it was HOT? With the charm of a historic building comes the not-so-charming lack of air conditioning. OY. I realized that I’d be running up and down those stairs several times throughout the ceremony in sweltering heat. Double OY. =) 

The couple was absolutely adorable. She laughs freely and speaks with confidence. He has a quiet seriousness about him but smiles boyishly whenever she’s near. Although they had a traditional American style wedding, the women in the families were dressed in the traditional Korean “hanbok”… light, airy and simply lovely. I feel so lucky to be able to witness such beautiful expressions of love. The first look between bride and groom on their wedding day, a tear in a father’s eye, and the excited hugs and laughter after the ceremony… {SIGH} Moments like these get me every. single. time.

Enjoy a few of my favorite photos from this touching wedding ceremony in Pasadena.

Thank you for stopping by…
Happy Tuesday!
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Descanso Gardens Wedding…

Mike, Leyla and I headed up to Los Angeles after Sunday brunch this past weekend. Our destination? Sae Lee‘s studio! I had my portable hard drive in my hot little hands. It seriously felt like Christmas morning… I was about to acquire all of the photographs I’d taken so far. Oh the excitement! 
As music played softly in the background, I literally sat on the edge of my seat as we reviewed the pictures on a glossy 27 inch monitor. I received priceless nuggets of advice, technical tips, and lots of encouragement… and with all these tools I move excitedly on to my next wedding this weekend. It’s funny… my first two weddings went by in such a blur… but the images that we captured brought back each moment so vividly. Almost like we were reliving it. {SIGH} That’s what I love about photography!

My goals as second or third shooter are as follows: to be creative and try to capture each moment from a different perspective than that of the principal photographer, get the “little details”, and of course… actively support the principal photographer in any way he/she needs. Not an easy feat… however capturing all of the little details and stolen glances between the bride and groom is just so much fun. =) 

I’m so excited to be sharing with you a few of my photos from my very first wedding coverage at Descanso Gardens. I learned so much from that experience. A few notes to self:

1. Don’t be shy to ASK QUESTIONS! Asking what he meant earlier by “format your disc” 5 hours into coverage = NO BUENO! {HA!}
2. Pack band-aids in case your feet decide to carry out a mutiny
3. Energy bars are your friend, as are sympathetic bartenders who provide you with lots of Diet Coke
4. Stretch the morning of {I kid you not}
5. Last but not least… HAVE FUN! After all, we have the privilege of being a part of and documenting one of the most wonderful things in life: LOVE!

So, on to the best part…. The pictures! Enjoy!

The Dress… With a capital “D”… =)
As the ladies posed for a traditional portrait with Mr. Lee, I shot their reflection in the mirror…
The event coordinator’s instructions to, “Be extremely careful! The stone smudges easily” made me really nervous. Luckily Mr. Lee handled the ring. He balanced the ring with a steady hand on the first try. =)

It was the perfect day for a garden wedding…
The bride and father as they wait for their cue… The rosy glow came from the stained glass door…

While Mr. Lee photographed the bride and groom after the ceremony, I waited in the parking lot where the bride’s family had a little surprise waiting for them… 

From there it was off to the reception… 
I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my first wedding! Thanks for stopping by!
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Desiree T. - July 13, 2011 - 11:47 pm

Jane, looks fab. What a gray eye u have for capturing those special moments.

jane - July 14, 2011 - 8:16 pm

Thanks, Dez! Hope you, the hubby, and Molly are doing well!

Candice Maloney - August 12, 2011 - 10:05 pm

REALLY lovely Jane! Congrats on the new venture 🙂 I will FOR SURE be in touch with you regarding future weddings!

Lens, Baby…

OK, so when I asked my friend Char if I had shown her the “Lensbaby” she misunderstood and thought that I had said, “Have I shown you the lens, baby?”. {HA!} She looked at me with a, “OK, weirdo… why are you calling me baby?” look on her face. Then I showed her the lens and she was like, “OOHHH, it’s CALLED Lensbaby! =)

Anyways, Sae Lee handed me this tiny little lens before our last wedding shoot and suggested that I try it out.  P.S. I’m feeling a little geeky about taking a picture of a lens… but here you go:

I got a chance to snap a couple of shots of Leyla with it yesterday morning. It’s a cool concept. You can manually bend this flexible little lens around to move the sweet spot and create some very artistic shots… I didn’t have enough time to fully experience it but it creates a nice blur depending on how you bend it. I’ve seen some adorable baby pictures taken with this lens. I’ll make sure to try it out on Sunday at a first birthday party! YAY! 

Here are a few photos I took with the lens:

Happy 4th of July, all!
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