A Los Angeles Wedding // UCLA

I know that it’s not for everyone… however, I love it when a couple decides to have a “First Look” before the ceremony. It definitely allows for a more relaxed atmosphere for the bride, groom, and wedding party. Photographing this sweet couple with Sae Lee and Ted Choi was a pleasure… the wedding was filled with so many poignant moments, true expressions of devotion, and an outpouring of support from their loved ones. For their First Look, they took us back to where it all began… The UCLA Campus. Enjoy a little sneak peek…

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Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of second shooting a Los Angeles wedding with Peter Park. This image is one of my favorites and makes me smile every time I see it. It wasn’t very long ago that my husband and I made our grand entrance as husband and wife… and I remember exactly what this moment feels like. Walking into that room filled with loved ones… seeing the smiles on their faces… hearing the cheers and applause… all while walking hand-in-hand with The One..

Yup… that’s pure happiness…


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Laguna Beach // Crystal Cove Engagement {Jessica + Jim}

The three of us sat in a quaint courtyard… away from the hustle and bustle that a sunny Saturday afternoon brings to downtown Laguna Beach. As we took a little breather during their engagement session, I had the pleasure of hearing Jessica and Jim’s story… I must say that is what I adore about photography… hearing the story, capturing the love, and retelling it through my lens. I watched as their faces lit up recounting how they met and how they came to be. The sappy-overly romantic-chick flick-watching girl in me exclaimed, “Your story like totally reminds me of a movie!!!” Side note: Sometimes I turn into a 16 year old valley girl when I get excited {WINK}. I saw the wheels turn in Jim’s head after my outburst. Imagine my relief when he looked over at Jessica and said “When Harry Met Sally!!!” Whew, my over-enthusiasm was not lost on these two. {HAHA!} Jim and Jessica had come in and out of each others lives over the years… bumping into each other through mutual friends. The timing, however, never seemed to be quite right… until that night Jessica went to go watch Jim’s band perform… and the rest, as they say, is history.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from Jessica and Jim’s Laguna Beach engagement session…

Jim and Jessica plan to have a vintage library themed wedding in July… I can’t wait to see what fabulous details will be incorporated into their big day! Speaking of fabulous details, I’m SO thrilled to be working with Candice of De-Lovely Events!
Thank you so much, Jessica and Jim… you’re two genuine people, genuinely in love… and I’m so honored to be a part of such an amazing time in your lives!
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Sue T. - May 3, 2012 - 12:16 am

I love, love, love these pictures of 2 very special people in my life!

Love to you both – Mom

Orange County / Claremont Engagement {Cassaundra + Eric}

Call me biased but they’re one of the cutest couples ever… no, really! From the day that she uttered those famous words: “So, I met this guy…” to the day that she confided with a sparkle in her eye, “I have a feeling he might…” I’ve been lucky to witness Cassaundra and Eric’s growth as a couple… and soon, their commitment as Mr. & Mrs.! Although I won’t be photographing their big day, {SO excited to have my uncle, Sae Lee document their wedding} I was honored to photograph their engagement session. Our day was full of laughs, and maybe some delirium towards the end… one thing’s for certain… Starbuck’s cures all. 😉

Enjoy a few of my favorites from our session starting at The Lab / The Camp in Costa Mesa and concluding at the Claremont Colleges.

 I’ll end this post with a picture of Cassaundra and I enjoying a much needed cup of joe at the end of our day… =)

Happy Saturday, all!
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2011: A Year in Review…

2011 was such an exciting year for me! I must begin by saying THANK YOU to my amazing family, friends, and of course clients! You all inspire me to come out of my shell, be creative, and do what I love. 

Today, on the cusp of 2012… I look take a look back and appreciate 2011, look forward to the coming year, and relish what I feel today. Happy and Blessed.

Enjoy a few highlights from a whirlwind of a year!

Thank you for following me, my blog, and my passion for photography. Have a happy and healthy new year, all!

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